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Magnet School Events

1st Grade Counting Collections and Think Like an Engineer Marshmallow and Toothpick Challenge - Ms. Urquidez's Class - March 2018

2nd Grade STEM Challenges - Mrs. Valdivia-Ford's Class - March 2018

Students formed engineering teams to build machines and structures.  They used 3D images to assemble their models.

3rd Grade STEM Boat Challenge - Ms. Leon's Class - March 2018

Help Harry! - 3rd Grade STEM Challenge - Ms. Herrera's Class - March 2018

4th Grade STEM Activities - Mr. Derry's Class - 2017- 2018

Bridging the Gap STEM Challenge - March 2018 - Ms. Repreza's Class - 5th Grade

Build an Igloo Challenge - 5th Grade - February 2018

STEM Career Day 2017

Students were very excited to learn about the careers of Fernando Martinez from the LAPD at the Port of Los Angeles and Greg Rabinovitz from the FBI.  Mr. Martinez words in the HAZMAT (hazardous materials) unit and Mr. Rabinovitz works on the FBI response unit.

Building a Foundation Challenge

STEM Career Day Spring 2016


4th and 5th grade students listen to Richard Meyer talk about his job at Google, Inc.  He encouraged them to get involved in computer science activities like coding now.

4th and 5th grade students listen to Roger talk about his job at the technology company 15 Ten.  He encouraged them to follow their dreams with passion and work hard to achieve their goals.